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  • How to play this app?
    • Each time your mission is to find the correct note from 88 piano keys and tap it to map the challenging note displayed on the grand staff by the app.
      Here is the simple steps on how to play:
      1. Tap the Sight Reading icon and launch this app from your iPad/iPhone, the app will take a few seconds to get started;
      2. After initialization, the main page will be displayed horizontally. Locate "Start" button which is on right top corner of the screen and then tap "Start";
      3. The challenging note will be displayed on the grand staff right away and you will also hear the sound of the note, next you need to find the correct note from the keyboard and tap it;
          3a. Identify the correct octave: Normally, when the app started, three octaves of keyboards are displayed on iPad (or one octave displayed on iPhone/iTouch) and each key has a name to indicate its position(for instance, C4,D4,E4,F4,G4,A4,B4 to indicate the forth octave); To change the octaves, tap the approximate position of the targeted octave on the octave navigator which is at the bottom of the main page. Again, you can tell the active octave selected by check the names displayed on the keyboard;
          3b. Identify the correct key: If the challenging note is mapped to one of these keys after identify the correct octave, just tap the correct piano key. If you tapped right one, the app will move on and next challenging note will be displayed. If not, "Bong Bong Bong" warning sound is played to indicate try again;

      Meanwhile, you can also check out this clip at youtube:

  • The "select note range" doesn't seem to work.
    • please locate the "Select note range(Max 1~88)" selection bar under the "Setting" screen, you can adjust the practice lower bass note by sliding the left black dot to right, the number on the left will be changed as your finger moves. Vice versa, you can change the higher treble key by sliding right black dot to left.

  • How can I turn off accidentals? I unchecked all the accidentals options but still get sharps and flats.
    • The accidental options in "Setting" page is to increase/decrease frequency of accidentals during the practice, it won't turn on/off accidentals if you set to practice "key signature" other than C major.
      To fully turn on/off accidentals, please select C Major as key signature and select "White keys only" in "Setting" page. This will be helpful for the beginners.

  • Ther is no sound even though I have both sound buttons checked.
    • For device with side mute switch:
      First, please try to make sure the side switch is used to control 'Mute' of sound (this can be checked from 'iPad's Settings->General->Use Side Switch to').
      Second, make sure the switch is ON and volume of the sound shall be at moderate range with the 'Sight Reading HD' is opened.

      For device without side mute switch (iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 4 or newer):
      On your iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, or iPad mini 4, you'll find Mute switch in the Control Center, Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center. You can find the Mute switch "bell" icon.
      For more informaton about Mute switch in the Control Center, please refer to:

      *Note, with the sound switch on 'Mute', you still can play music or video and sometimes it confuses user to assume the sound switch was not on 'Mute', but it in fact was switched to 'Mute'. So please be sure you turn the sound on under the app is active.

An update is on its way to support iOS 11. Thanks for your patience.

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