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Coupon Keeper


Coupon Scanner, Organizer and Reminder, this All-in-One coupon tracking app will make your life easier. Scan or type coupon's barcode and let "Coupon Keeper" handle the rest for you.

Do you want to save $$$ by using coupons but also want to SAVE TIME to input/organize/track your coupons? NO MORE to type everything!! JUST USE the BARCODE.

Main features:

* Scan coupon barcode to input coupon details automatically;
* Search coupon barcode to input coupon details automatically, it's very handy when your device has difficulty to recognize coupon barcode;
* Bulk import coupons from Sunday newspaper inserts;
* Huge online coupon database and keep growing over time to provide most accurate information;
* Manually input coupon if scan/search doesn't work;
* Get notification before your coupons expire, the notification can be customized to specified favorite level only or all the coupons;
* Coupon Statistics tracks your saving;
* Ranking your coupons and you will never forget the HOTTEST coupons;
* Take photo of your coupons to help you to visualize them, it comes handy when to locate them from thousands of coupons;
* Marking coupon as used will update your coupon statistics automatically;
* Edit Name/Category/Value/Quantity/Expiration/Source/Detail for each coupon as you want;
* Customizable categories and sources help you organize your coupons electronically and physically;
* Badge number at list screen tells the coupon's available quantity;
* Search though your coupons by name, category, source, details and notes;
* Search though your coupons by scanning product UPC barcode;
* Sort your coupons by Expiration Date, Name, Category or Favorite Level;
* Filter your coupons by Category, Source and/or Source Date;
* Separate 'Expired and Used' coupons automatically from other coupons and move to archive to save your time. But you still have the chance to review them at any time;
* Customize your system to keep or delete the expired coupon automatically;
* Clone coupon to make data entry faster;
* Share the coupon with your friend by emailing the coupon details with image;
* Import/Export coupon data to backup or just keep multiple devices data in sync;
* Create coupon list (with or without filter) in spreadsheet format and view/edit using other program like Excel or Numbers;
* Universal app can be running on iPhone/iTouch/iPad devices;
* Coupon Keeper is retina display compatible and support new iOS devices.


- This app helps you to better organize/manage your coupons, but you STILL have to carry your physical coupons and redeem them at local store.

What's New in iOS Version 2.2.0:

Support native resolution on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus;
Make coupon scanning faster and more accurate on newer devices;
Add new feature to search coupons by scanning product UPC barcode;
Add options to remove expired coupon after 3- or 6-month;
Some other minor performance improvements;

What's New in Android Version 1.2.0:

Add new feature to search coupons by scanning product UPC barcode;
Fix an issue that picture taken on some device is too small;
Some other minor performance improvements;

What's New in iOS Version 2.1.1:

* Add option to export active coupons to iTunes;
* Other minor improvement;

What's New in iOS Version 2.1.0:

* New design for iOS 7;
* Add the option to bulk import weekend insert coupons;
* Enable zoom in/out on coupon image;
* Add the option to add quantity after scan an existing coupon;
* Add the option to turn off scan beep sound;
* Add filter option to export coupons;
* Add the option to change/rename existing category/source;
* More coupon barcode type scan supported;
* Other minor performance improvement;

What's New in Android Version 1.0.3:

* Enhanced image taking;
* Other minor improvements;

What's New in iOS Version 2.0.3:

* Add the option to default Quantity for faster input;
* Fix the black screen during image capture on some devices;
* Minor performance improvement;

What's New in iOS Version 2.0.2:

* Patch to fix freeze issue on iOS 7.

What's New in iOS Version 2.0.1:

* Minor bug fixing on server connection issue.

What's New in iOS Version 2.0.0:

You asked, we listened! This is a BIG upgrade and it covers pretty all the possible features you have wished to include:
* Fix the annoying lagging issue after scanned many coupons for some devices;
* Fix the crash when to scan some special barcode;
* Fix the Export corruption file when you have saved huge coupon database;
* Create coupon list in spreadsheet format(.csv) so that you can print, edit or do whatever you want with it;
* Add the feature to filter the coupon list by category, source and source date;
*Add the feature to type the barcode to get the coupon info;
* Add extra "Source Date" and "Note" field for each coupon;
* Support to scan more coupon encoding barcode type;
* Add new category and source name from import file if it doesn't exist;
* Increase the font size for iPad;
* Turn On/Off Camera Flash (if available) manually during coupon scanning;
* Add some new Category / Source name;
* Add the option to turn off image capturing to reduce coupon database size;
* Add the option of continuous scan for faster input;
* Enhanced UI design;
* and many more...